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Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I'm a Giant Squid

My Squidoo lenses were accepted by Squidoo, and I'm now a Giant Squid, which means I have created at least 50 lenses (web pages) with quality content in the Squidoo article directory. Here is my page where all the others can be found in one place - The Squidoo Lensography of Nancy Oram.

I actually have 70 lenses and I'm taking a break from creating new ones. I need to polish up the existing ones and promote them, etc., before I add to them.

My new goal is to make the 100 club by the new deadline, which is December 31. It's quite obvious that people are making money at this, some $2,000 to $3,000 and up per month developing Squidoo property. And those are the ones telling about it. There are many more not sharing their secrets. Basically it takes three things: Quality content, promoting and marketing really well, and creating lots of lenses (rinse and repeat). I can do all that, but it is a job. I really love the elements of writing and creating these little mini niche sites. I'm not that happy about the promoting part, but I'm working on ways to automate that a little bit. Making more lenses just means to keep working steadily at it and repeating the process.

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