The Glass is Always Full: June 2008

Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Monday, June 2, 2008

I've Been Tagged - Seven Things About Myself

I've been tagged by my daughter Lisa for seven things about myself. Back in March when I started this blog I listed six things about myself, so I'll relist them here and add a seventh one:

  1. As a senior in high school I planned on going to art school to learn fashion design. I sewed most of my own clothes, although I never did get to designing any.
  2. My mother said she knew I was the entrepreneurial type when at about six years old I set up a card table in the front yard and started selling my toys for five and ten cents so I could buy a new toy.
  3. The first day I was allowed to drive to school I cut with a friend, we drove all over Oakland and then got into a fender bender two miles from home. (Yes, Nate, me too, but unlike you I didn't wrap the car around a light pole!)
  4. I love chocolate and hate licorice. That was lame, everyone probably knows that and should really agree with me.
  5. I've met Tom Selleck. (He said hi to me when I had decided not to bother him.)
  6. I had a close encounter with Ted Bundy in 1974. (Didn't realize who it was until 20 years later. It's amazing how we're protected and don't even realize it!)
  7. My Internet businesses are gradually building to become my sole income.

Now, for a few things that Lisa might not know about me, which might be impossible because we've always been so close. It will be interesting to try.

  1. I have over 20 active websites up and running, three or four blogs, and belong to at least ten social websites and about 40 other networking, bookmarking, and writing sites, all in the interest of networking for my Internet business. This is my only personal blog, and Facebook is my only personal social site.
  2. Ah, I have one. Hot off the press. I was called into the Bishop's office yesterday. (That ought to get me a phone call!)
  3. I think your husband's cute.
  4. Lisa won't be surprised by this, but my favorite books are: Jane Eyre, Pride & Prejudice, The Secret Garden; favorite movies are Some Like It Hot, Cassablanca, Pillow Talk. And there are sooooo many more.
  5. Your kids and I have secrets. (What are grammys for?)
  6. You used to have the cutest little dimple right on your. . . well, nevermind.
  7. Some of my best recipes are Lisa's creations.

Well, I really don't have anyone to tag because my friends online are not personal friends who would be reading this, and my friends offline don't blog!