The Glass is Always Full: April 2008

Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I've been busy. . .

I'm not sure I'm going to be a good blogger, but I intend to keep trying. Actually I'm on my computer writing every day, but it's usually directed at making a living -- writing descriptions and listing my vintage pattern products and adding content to my websites.

Also, I recently discovered Squidoo! It's a place where you can make little mini websites about anything you want and earn money from the traffic and business they attract. Anyone can start doing it instantly, and once you start, you can't stop.

I already have seven or eight "lenses" on Squidoo. One is on making old fashioned candy, one is how Carlos got me to become a Notary Signing Agent, and of course there's one for my vintage patterns. If you're interested in seeing my other lenses, you can find them listed once you're on the site. What I love about it is:

  1. I can add more to my passive income. Passive, meaning once the page is built, it can earn money with little or no maintenance.

  2. It spreads my earning potential over other venues -- all my eggs aren't in one basket -- a lesson I recently learned when eBay made a major change in policy that greatly decreased my sales. But that's another story.

  3. I love the creative process of researching and writing about a topic, or just sharing knowledge I already have.

  4. Other Squidoo-ers are helpful and supportive. You belong to a friendly community when you start writing lenses.

  5. This was a big one for me -- They only want good quality content that adds integrity and useful information to the Web.

  6. It's really fun.

Here's another lens I recently put together: The Mormon Tabernacle Choir. And have you seen Tom Dickson on TV and YouTube putting crazy things in his blender? "Will it Blend? That is the Question. . ." He's actually a good friend who I haven't seen in years and it was fun to catch up. Up above is a picture of our kids playing together about 1973.

Well, back to work.