The Glass is Always Full: March 2008

Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Monday, March 10, 2008

When Did Life Get So Complicated?

I often get overwhelmed thinking about all the stuff we're supposed to be doing on a regular basis. I said "thinking about" because I certainly don't do it all--not even close. But there's some unwritten rule out there that says we're supposed to. I'm not talking about the common Mormon woman syndrome about baking all our bread. I mean the stuff you're really supposed to do. Growing up we were supposed to take a bath, brush our teeth and say our prayers before we went to bed. Somewhere into adulthood flossing was added to the list, not to mention exercising, conditioning, moisturizing and watching what you eat (not a complete list). You can skip something if you want, but you have to pay the consequences.

Besides maintaining ourselves, we're supposed to recycle, conserve, rotate, update, clean, refill and renew the things around us. Add our families and pets to the mix and things can really spiral out of control.

So I often find myself wondering if I'm just making too much work out of things we're supposed to be doing routinely, or if other people can't manage it all either. Sometimes I fantasize about living a really simplified life. But I think it's too late. If I was really as organized in reality as I am in theory, I'd put moisturizer on my dry parts and listen to scriptures while walking on the treadmill and flossing.