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Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Six Things

I recently visited my nephew's blog that started out with "Six Things You May Not Know About Me." It was quite interesting and seems a good way to start. I consider myself a very private person, which makes any kind of blog difficult in the first place. But I'm also a pretty open book to my family and close friends. It will be interesting to see if I can come up with six things.

  1. As a senior in high school I planned on going to art school to learn fashion design. I sewed most of my own clothes, although I never did get to designing any.
  2. My mother said she knew I was the entrepreneurial type when at about six years old I set up a card table in the front yard and started selling my toys for five and ten cents so I could buy a new toy.
  3. The first day I was allowed to drive to school I cut with a friend, we drove all over Oakland and then got into a fender bender two miles from home. (Yes, Nate, me too, but unlike you I didn't wrap the car around a light pole!)
  4. I love chocolate and hate licorice. That was lame, everyone probably knows that and should really agree with me.
  5. I've met Tom Selleck.
  6. I had a close encounter with Ted Bundy in 1974.

Wow, I surprised myself. If I thought really hard I could probably come up with at least six more.

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