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Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jenny

My fourth child, Jenny Leigh Larsen, was born on February 28, 1975. In 1992, at the age of 17, she died in an accident. April 4 will be the anniversary of her death. Last year I almost got through the whole day of April 4 without remembering the significance of that day or feeling the stab of pain. I was surprised, but it felt good. The first few years after her death her birthday was the hardest day, not the day she died. But even though it was a hard day, it was bitter sweet and a day of celebration. She loved birthdays and most especially chocolate cake. For several years after she died, on her birthday we'd make chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and go up to the cemetery and put a piece on her grave. She had to have some, too. The deer got it, which probably wasn't good for them. But it was good for us. At some point we stopped doing that. But a funny thing happened this year. Yesterday I craved chocolate cake and I made one, not really making the connection until later when I realized what date it was. So maybe Jenny was letting me know that she missed her cake. We sure enjoyed it! I miss you, Jenny, every day. You're a part of me, but you're not lost. It's just that it's such a long journey before we're reunited again. I have some funny stories about Jenny, and all my kids. I'll share them in here from time to time. That's where her stories belong, tucked right in with the rest of the family. She's still very much a part of us. I won't take the time to tell all about her here, I've done that numerous times in other journals. But I think the family would agree that she could be delightful and a pain all in the same instant. Sort of like how tickling can be torture but you're giggling all the way. She was silly and intense all rolled into one. Happy Birthday, Jenny!


Julie said...

Hello Hello. It was so good to hear from you. My family has loved your family for a very long time. I will let my parents know you said hi. I just want you to know that Jen hasn't been forgotten. I love her and miss her. I always take time on her birthday and on the day that she passed to try and remember fun things we did together. My heart still aches when I miss her, but I know she is where she is needed.

Skye said...

Happy Birthday Jenny! We miss you!